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For a Memorable Wedding Reception in Waterbury, Hire One of Our DJs at a Recommended Banquet Facility

 When you want your wedding reception to go smoothly in Waterbury, we recommend  hiring one of our wedding DJs at a banquet facility that has an excellent reputation. Our DJs at A&B Entertainment are courteous, helpful and friendly. We have the best equipment anyone can get and a music library to satisfy all tastes. Our wedding DJs are emcees, too. You and the bridal party will be introduced to the guests and then you'll know when to throw the bouquet or cut the cake. You'll never have to worry about a DJ who will cause embarrassing moments, either. We get along well with vendors, including banquet managers and photographers. We wear a tux and abstain from smoking and drinking while on the job.

One of our wedding DJs will show your guests a good time
Suggestions for a wedding reception in Waterbury
We will assist you with old traditions and new at your wedding reception
Dave Gianni CT DJ

Dave Gianni

Stephen Morgan CT DJ
Brendan Walsh CT DJ

Brendan Walsh

Stephen Morgan

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